Alan Merrill, Timeless Lover, Live In Japan

Alan Merrill, Timeless Lover, Live In Japan

Alan Merrill performs his composition "Timeless Lover" live in Japan in 1990. The band is a fabulousunit, featuring Hiroshi Oguchi on drums, This was secretly the first of a series of reunions of the band Vodka Collins. Robin LeMesurier on main lead guitar, Donnie Kisselbach on bass, The Coconuts on backing vocals (Adriana Kaegi, Janique Svedberg, Cheryl Lee Poirier), Shinohara Nobuhiko on keyboards, The Upskirt Horns (Toshi, Yohan and Hiro) on brass. Alan Merrill and Cheryl Lee Poirier sing unison octave lead vocals and Alan M plays the lead guitar solo in this clip. This raw unedited footage is from the club Ink Stick in Shibaura Tokyo. Lyrics- From the album "The Aleecat, Live In Japan", released in 2008. Vodka Collins "Boy's Life" Studio Version: Alan Merrill "Aleecat, Live In Japan" Version
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