Hey you! What are you listening to? TOKYO!

Hey you! What are you listening to? TOKYO!

Inspired by the TyCullen video "Hey You! what are you listening to? New York" , this is the same concept. But this time in Tokyo, going to random people and asking them what they listen to. Playlist 1.Nishino kana - wrong www.youtube.com 2.EXILE Diamond www.youtube.com 3.Mr. Children www.youtube.com 4.Minmi Happy Song www.youtube.com 5.Perfume Polyritym www.youtube.com 6.浜崎あゆみ evolution www.youtube.com 7.Mr. Children しるし www.youtube.com 8.ketsumeishi VS www.youtube.com 9.Special Others youtu.be 10.Glee Bills Bills Bills www.youtube.com 11.everything but the girl www.youtube.com 12.Nirvana Smells like teen spirit www.youtube.com 13.Kevin Lyttle Turning me on www.youtube.com 14.Silverstein Darling harbor www.youtube.com 15.Christof mae www.youtube.com 16.Swizz Beatz Everyday www.youtube.com 17.camron jim Jones - Killa youtu.be 18.B'z ultra soul www.youtube.com 19.Lady gaga papparazi www.youtube.com 20.J. Cole cant get enough www.youtube.com 21.Leftfield Rino Prayer www.youtube.com 22.Rasmus Faber (house) Always youtu.be 23.Mohombi - Coconut tree www.youtube.com 24.jayed zutto isho www.youtube.com 25.Glay Yuwaku youtu.be 26.Bruno mars just the way youtu.be 27.Black eyed peas youtu.be 28.Tupac ghetto gospel youtu.be 29.bump of chicken hitori goto youtu.be 30.shojou jidai Bad girl youtu.be 31. Black eyed peas youtu.be DONT FOrget to subscribe! And check out AppGirlTV channel while you are at it! www.youtube.com
@KEN_TOKIO おはありです♬まだまだ先のことだ~と思っていたらすぐ当日を迎えてしまいそうですね(///ω///)

@tokio_okumura 新人の三つ編みメイドさんはいますか?

RT @MarcoMoriniTW: Girls, mi state chiedendo se tra un concerto e l'altro in USA, i 1D oggi han ben pensato d pranzare in un Mc Donald di Milano. Cena a tokio?

Leaving Mexico to Tokio and then Shanghai for #ILTM Asia. A long trip to attend a great event.

RT @ELCANSERBERO: Tuve una pesadilla. Soñé que Iris Varela bailaba Pitbull en la "Disco Tokio" que funciona en la cárcel de Tocorón.

RT @bluepurple23: TOKIOの好きな曲投票、やろうよ。全曲対象にして! それでアルバムとか、リクエスト曲でライブとか。あ、ますます選べない(笑)。

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