Twin Baby Boys Laughing at Each Other

Twin Baby Boys Laughing at Each Other Funny Twin babies laugh at each other. Four months old. Peyton on the left, Brennan on the Right (P&B). Pretty cute and funny.
@SimplyJazyJanae now you know I ain't forget about my twin tho ;))))

@SammieNam but it ain't that bad it's actually good it's like the fraternal twin of Facebook

@smiling_sci Amazing but not very productive! Have got Twin Peaks and Spiral lined up :) Bank holidays are gooood.

@civiboakye your twin @GabrielleOmar

@DJDSpeak @DjChuckChizzle lol! We got some hot Djs in the twin cities! #Winning

@akai_Bul_goon 위험해...의사노리느으ㄴ...

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